Tuesday, October 2, 2012

these are a few of my favorite posts...
One of the advantages of posting to blog carnivals as I've been doing lately is that I am exposed to so many new blogs. And I've screened them all for you to bring you the best of the best! This month, many of them are science-oriented, but I also found a few awesome recipes & other tidbits.
Crockpot Pumpkin Custard for Fall (GAPS Legal)
Cara, author of the 30 Days on GAPS Intro ebook, What Can I Eat Now?, has an utterly scrumptious and easy pumpkin custard recipe for the crockpot. Given that I am currently drowning in neck pumpkins, I need great pumpkin recipes. Thanks Cara!
The Ingredient Allowed in Organic Food That Can Cause Cancer
Sarah, the healthy home economist, posted this important article about carrageenan, "a likely human carcinogen that triggers massive gastointestinal inflammation and symptoms in many people".
Crazy Good Coffee Pot Roast
This yummy crockpot recipe was posted on Fast Paleo by Real Food Freaks - this one is definitly a keeper!
What’s in My Tap Water? (pt 2 in our water series)
Did you see the movie Tapped? I watched it on Netflix a few weeks ago. Got me thinking pretty hard, so when I saw Jen's post on Real Food Freaks, I went back to her previous post, and am now keeping up with the series. This is good info.
We didn't have the green thing back in our day
This post on Homestead Survival made me chuckle.
Book Summary: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD
Lisa over at The Healing Project posted a summary of the entire Wheat Belly book sans chapter 10.
Creamy GAPS gravy
Lauren at Empowered Sustenance posted this very simple recipe which looks utterly scrumptious. It might be worth adding some yogurt or sour cream to make it a white gravy.
My Live Call-In Show with Jimmy Moore is Now a Podcast
Jenny of Blood Sugar 101 has also written a book on low-carb dieting, which is what she was discussing with Jimmy Moore. Her post discusses what is realistic to expect wrt weight loss, and she also touches on the problems low-carbing can cause with depressed T3.
Monsanto's point of no return
Joel Dyer has an excellent article in Boulder Weekly analyzing Monsanto's seeds in the marketplace and the shortage of other options for farmers.
Caution: science ahead
Why Gluten-Free Is Just Not Enough
Jill, the real food forager, reviews Leaky gut and autoimmune diseases by Alessio Fasano, M.D. from the February 2012 issue of Clinical Reviews in Allergy and Immunology. This is cutting-edge research that explains exactly why autoimmune disorders, rather than being a life sentence, may be corrected by sealing & healing the gut. This is the article about zonulin, if you've been waiting to understand what that is (it was on my to-do list to look it up, so Jill saved me some time).

Jill is offering a 12-week class, go grain-free for those on GAPS, SCD or ancestral diets (Primal or Paleo) - use couponcode NOGRAINS for an extra $20 off!
Dr. Oz on Gut Flora Repair
Dr. Ayers of cooling inflammation posted about the bizarre notion of the medical community that we can somehow repair our screwed-up gut population without actually eating some bacteria! His post amused me. Read the comments too, he gets a lot of interesting commenters over there.
Death of PETA spokesman
Kaayla, the naughty nutritionist, posted a thoughtful discussion of heart disease and the vegan vs. WAPF dietary inteverentions. Again, the comments are very worthwhile.