Tuesday, September 18, 2012

vintage post: boeuf bourguignon

vintage post

The point of "vintage" posts is to highlight older posts than in my monthly favorite post feature.

I don't want to ignore really kewl stuff just cause it was posted before I began blogging!

But this is REALLY vintage, in that it is from a time before blogging... before the Internet... before BBSs... before home PCs... before even electronic calculators...

It's ALMOST before me, as I was a year old when the show started, from a time when food shows were live with mistakes and all and actually intended to teach the viewer to cook. Before there were any foodies, there was Julia Child.

When it's black and white and sponsored by S&H Green stamps, you know it's vintage! I believe this is 1963 as she discusses this being the first episode of The French Chef.

Julia was wonderful because she actually taught cooking. This episode is her boeuf bourguignon, which includes so many basic cooking skills, browning meat, deglazing a pan, braising onions, sauteing mushrooms, thickening a sauce...

And it's primarily real food as we think of it today, three tablespoons of flour being the only possibly objectionable ingredient.