Sunday, September 2, 2012

my favorite posts: August 2012

these are a few of my favorite posts...
This month, I probably have the best post of the YEAR included in the round-up, Stacy's post What Losing 135 lbs looks like is AMAZING; highly recommended. READ THIS!
10 Easy Steps to Turn any Recipe into a Real Food Recipe
Emily, a Butter Believer (now THAT is a church I could join!) discusses how toadapt recipes from the non-TF world to real food. I completly agree with this, I can't throw out decades of cooking experience, nor my love of Julia Child! And frankly, if you ignore the soy-heavy ones, the best vegetable recipes are from vegan sites! Lots of folks can cook, and there's no reason we can't swipe their ideas.
Carob or Chocolate coated Almonds
I officially "vote" for chocolate in this election! Awesome recipe and easy even for noncooks (assuming there's noncooks out there who own dehydrators).
Gettin’ Real About Coffee Enemas with a Q & A – Coffee Enema Benefits
If you're curious about the hooplah about coffee enemas making the rounds of the TF movement, Kelly's post likely will address some of your questions. Definitly check out the comments also.
How much money can you save by making food yourself?
Annemarie shows how ten simple recipes, such as raspberry jam, Greek yogurt, ghee and bread saved her nearly $100 in a month.
Science Facts Sundays: notes on sauerkraut fermentation part 3
If you have an interest in fermentation, you'll want to check out parts 1 & 2 also.
Paleo Guacamole Bacon-stuffed Pepper Poppers
I particularly like that these are made with sweet peppers, rather than jalapenos. Though I guess you could do jalapenos if you aren't a big wuss like we are. Frankly, an avocado/bacon/cilantro mix would fill any veggie nicely! I mean, what wouldn't taste good with avocado and bacon stuffed into it? Nom nom!