Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my favorite posts: July 2012

these are a few of my favorite posts...

When you follow a lot of GAPS, TF and Paleo/Primal blogs, it's hard to narrow posts down to just a few of the best.

Eating on $6.25 a day
Great post, part of Kathy's series on real food economics. I like the frugal viewpoint in any area, but it's especially close-to-my-heart with regards to food.

I remember right after my heart attack, looking at prices for organic produce, and the per pound price of pastured meats and dairy, and it nearly broke my tightwad heart. But after six months of buying nutrient-dense foods, I sat down with my receipts and did the math and realized I was not spending any more! Everyone thinks it's expensive to eat real food, without realizing that when you eat real food, your body gets satiated, so you stop eventually. Whereas when you eat Pringles, you're hungry even when bloated from polishing off the whole tube.

Kathy's previous posts in her frugal series discuss the actual math of various folks and her own situation, and conclude that she fed a family of 4 (with 2 teenager boys!) for $6.25 per person per day. In this post, she discusses the details of what they actually ate on that budget.
Video blog: making sauerkraut – a preview of the lactofermentation class!
I just love that KerryAnn provided a transcript! Honestly, I rarely run videos as I'm too impatient and can read much more quickly than a video can play. But in this case, the transcript sucked me right into watching the video!

In this video, KerryAnn shows in detail how to shred a cabbage, weight it and measure the appropriate amount of salt, layer and mix them together, pound it to produce the bring, and pack it in a Pickl-it. You can really get a feel for how she conducts her courses from this.

After fermenting, her cutie-pie daughter devours the equivalent of a half cabbage worth of sauerkraut in one sitting!
Paleo "Rice" Pilaf
Though I don't do the Paleo thing myself, this recipe looks like a good choice for GAPS, which is largely grain-free in most stages.

The low-carb community has been mashing cooked cauliflower with butter, sour cream and chives forever, calling it "fauxtatoes". It was a yummy way to eat cauliflower, though I doubt anyone would've been fooled into thinking it was really potatoes.

But Jen pulses it raw in a food processor to the size of rice grains, then fries it up with aromatic vegetables, Indian spices and pistachios in some coconut oil. Sounds scrumptious!
fermented red onions
Another recipe I'll be trying; this one is from Melanie at Pickle Me Too.

I used to make an unfermented sweet onion relish that was amazingly popular; I even gave it as gifts and everyone loved it. It was particularly good on sausages.

I'm thinking the fermented red onions would be pleasantly hot in salads or as a burger/sandwich topping. But with some stevia or honey added, it'd likely be mellowed like my sweet onion relish. I can't wait to harvest my red onions to try this!
zucchini chips
This is a great one for all you gardeners out there from Amanda at Traditional Foods. A new way to use up excess zucchini! I only planted one this year, but KNOW I'll be needing this soon to rescue me from it's harvest!

Basically, Amanda thinly slices the fruits, tosses them with olive oil, herbs and spices, and dries them in a dehydrator. Simple! I think my husband might even eat these.
real frozen peanut butter pie
I won't be trying this any time soon, as it's not GAPS-legal, though it's pretty TF.

It is basically a pie with a graham cracker crust filled with a peanut butter/cream cheese mixture with chopped dark chocolate and nuts, then topped with whipped cream and frozen.

But it looks just AMAZING! I have to save this one for when I'm coming off GAPS!

I'd make it with stevia as my sweetener, as I think just the pictures on her blog raised my bG!

This is my kind of recipe cause it's yummy, and healthy foods do no one any good unless they get eaten!
The 3 biggest fermenting mistakes you’re already making
Lea from Nourishing Treasures made a guest post over at Food Renegade explaining that newbies tend to refrigerate their ferments too quickly, not ferment anaerobically and take unhealthy risks with mold.
8 signs & symptoms of mineral deficiencies
Did you know stinky feet are a symptom of magnesium deficiency? Neither did I until I read the guest post Lydia from Divine Health made at Patty's Loving Our Guts.

You might be a real foodie if...
I met a woman last week who described my marriage as "a foodie married to a picky eater," which just about sums it up. So Jessica's infographic made me chuckle!